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AjrDual releases 5-Track EP Lights


“Lights EP” is a 5-track EP by AjrDual. Starting short and sweet with an intro into the music world, which pays tribute to his artistry and versatility. Listeners not only get to enjoy the instrumentals beats and rhymes, but they will also be transformed through the experience AjrDual takes them through. If this project is any indication of the future projects will put out, the world is in for a treat.

AjrDual has a very subtle way in which he brings over his emotions with his music. “City Lights” makes you lay back and think about life. The combination of melody and harmonizing vocals brings it to life. Similarly, “Dreams” manages to do exactly that, but this time the lyrics are targeted towards a continuing problem we are facing today. Racial discrimination is still an issue today. AjrDual talks about how he has a vision that one-day things will change for the better and that we all are equal in the eyes of society.

Those were only two of the five tracks in ‘’Lights EP’’. We recommend you listen to the EP and give it a few plays to understand the deeper meaning behind his songs.

“Lights EP” is now available on all major platforms. Follow AjrDual on Instagram to stay updated on upcoming releases.

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