Darshae brings the Tropical Sound to Life Again with Halasana Girl

Darshae Kier

Miami Pop artist Darshae Kiér has returned with his fresh hit Halasana Girl. The song was released on September 27th, and can be found on major platforms such as Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

The track offers a nice touch of tropical pop sounds, mixed with some Reggaeton, and has come just in time for the summer to start. The artist’s vocals are open and welcoming to the ear with his attention grabbing melody. The whistling part of the beat only adds to the catchiness. Some of the vocal parts can even remind you of the famous artist Enrique Iglesias his popular songs. Surprisingly, this isn’t the only successful song the artist dropped. Translation is another track that has done very well in the past and reeled in numerous amounts of streams.

Take a listen for yourself:

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