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Ex-Jamatami-Star Tamer has just released his solo single „Verbrannt“

Ex-Jamatami-Star Tamer has just released his solo single “Verbrannt“ on October 2nd, 2020.

Singing, dancing, and performing have been in Tamer’s blood for many years. The multi-talent became known with the German band Jamatami at SuperRTL. Together, the four-piece band reached the top 20 of the charts and toured extensively through Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Today the singer is solo and places more value on intimate, emotional lyrics. This also includes his brand new single “Verbrannt”, which was released on Friday, October 2nd, that he wrote himself. It doesn’t matter whether he sings or dances – Tamer wants to convey the feeling of happiness that he experiences to his audience. Most importantly, his lyrics come from the heart. His lyrics were inspired by the moving times in his life and tell of his path, which he shares with his fans.

“After the break up with my ex-girlfriend I decided to write the song,” Tamer says. “The song shows my emotional side, which I rarely talk about. I want people to take apart on my very long journey through thick and thin. You should never give up if you really love someone!”

Love plays a big role in the life of the 31-year-old singer: “I believe in true love. Love is the greatest gift that we can experience and it should be treated with a lot of respect.”

After the successful solo project “Dance All Night” from 2012 to 2013, and the release of a Turkish album called “Ask Vakti”, a German-language single “Verbrannt” is released. The song “Verbrannt” is now available on all major digital platforms.

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