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“Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters” gives us a New Perspective on Retro



Head Fake Vs Dub Fu Masters (Cover)

Head Fake consists of three semi-anonymous artists and producers, who are known for producing Neo, and Retro style music. Their approach is to not only create music for the audience that grew up in the 1980’s, but also the newer generation by blending a transformational sound together with some of the famously known retro characteristics. Now it’s time to take a look at their latest release “Head Fake Vs Dub Fu Masters”.

One Step by Head Fake (Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters)

We start off by listening to their first song of the EP “Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters”, named “One Step”. The track starts off with a solid drum pattern that develops into a synthesizer over a short period of time. Soon the elements start building up to the chorus of the song, which drops in some smooth vocals with a lead. Gearing towards the second half of the song we start to hear a stunning guitar kick in that compliments the production very well and highlights the composition all together. With this year’s release of Cyberpunk 2077 we positively can say that this piece of work would compliment the video game very well.

Trump Funk by Head Fake (Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters)

On to the next one. “Trump Funk” is our personal favorite. Its groovy guitar rhythm has us bopping our heads. We love the diversity of the track and its characteristics. Later on, we get greeted by a small breakdown that releases all the tension and builds back up to the final stage. In this last part we hear some vocals blend in with the rest of the song and creates this spaced out feeling.

Overjoyed by Head Fake (Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters)

“Overjoyed” reminds us of a journey that takes you on the path to discover your true happiness. Its upbeat style is something that can be jammed and danced to at clubs. It is very mellow and soothing to say the least.

Lastly, we would like to encourage the listeners of Neo/Retro music to go over to Spotify and stream “Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters” to get your own impression over this awesome trio.

Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters (EP)

Follow Head Fake on their journey via FacebookInstagramYouTube, and their website.

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