Joey Badass Releases ‘The Light Pack’ Featuring Pusha-T

Joey Badass makes his return with a new three-song bundle, The Light Pack. 

For this offering, Joey projects the three pillars that have amassed him his core fanbase. First, the Brooklyn native harkens back to the boom-bap style that introduced him to the world on the project’s title track. 

“This is mumble rap extermination/This is godly interpolation,” Joey tweeted shortly before the project dropped. The lyrics are featured on “The Light.”

Joey then dabbles into his affinity for Jazz by attacking a diffused instrumental on “No Explanation.” For this track, Joey plays with syncopation while still delivering pinpoint rhymes. This sets the stage for Pusha T to deliver a verse that takes the song to another level. 

“Luminal flow, no traces/I am the blacklight, my whole career of crack right?” Push raps. “Olympic diving in this money, watch me jack-knife/My rap life ain’t like yours, I’m really going home to five stories and bright walls/Todd James paintings, he says he gots my one-of-ones waiting while y’all thinking James Evans, Jr. … Say less about your jewelers.”

While these songs are spectacular in their own right, it’s the last track, “Shine,” that puts the project in perspective. For this song, Joey plays with Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.”

This classic record has been interpolated and sampled throughout the history of hip-hop. By taking on this song, Joey is seemingly injecting himself into conversation with the greats. 

“Hop in the ghost and go Casper/Space coup with a rocket on me, I won’t hesitate to blast ya,” Joey raps. “Fuck cars, though, I’m into buying back my masters/Because it’s just the cash that I’m after.” 

Speaking of leaving a legacy, The Light will be Joey’s first project on Columbia Records. He’s also gearing up for his debut album on the label.

“We’re trying to come soon. It’s almost ready. On Instagram, my fans were pressing me and I told them, ‘Listen, it’s not going to be a longer wait than six months.’ That’s the best I can say. We’re really right there,” Joey told Complex

Along with his new deal, Badass has been active in helping his community, donating $250,000 to homeless students impacted by COVID-19. 

Stream Joey Badass’ new project, The Light Pack, below and watch his new video up top. 

Source: Complex

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