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Review: I Just Want to See the Sun Again

Kyle Oashu, releases his latest album, I Just Want to See the Sun Again. The South Carolina Hip-Hop/Rap artist has created this album as part of his self-discovery journey.

When asking the young artist what the album is about, he replied: “A statement about how I want better days for myself and for the ones I love and how I’ll do anything to achieve that.”.

Starting the album off with the intro “Nimbus”, the artist brings an old school feels to the table with a memorable chord progression.

His second song “My Grandma Lives in Heaven” takes a different approach with its unique style and vocal chops in the background.

Continuing with our favorite, “Glasswinds” follows a more mellow and smooth rhythm with its beautiful piano melody.

“Erased” is one of the sadder songs the 6-track album has to offer. It digs a bit deeper into the emotional side.

Next, “Godloft / Awake” reminds us of a Kanye West style chopped beat mixed with a vocal style almost comparable with XXXTentacion at certain parts.

Kyle ends his album off with “Pretty Little Monster” meaningfully. The song touches on sensitive topics and has a reminiscing feeling.

Kyle Oashu’s I Just Want to See the Sun Again

If you would like to listen to the album yourself or follow the artist on his musical adventure, you can do so here:

I Just Want to See the Sun Again is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Kyle Oashu on Instagram for future releases and more information.

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