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Laszlo’s A Lot of Life to Live has arrived

Laszlo is a rising alt-rock artist based in Toronto. Born and raised in a cult, the Canadian artist began listening to rock music as a child, regardless of the disapproval of his family and church. His first CD was Rush’s Farewell To Kings, and he would listen to it beneath his mattress with his ear pressed against the speaker. After 25 years, Laszlo left his family’s fundamentalist church and was shunned by his family and friends. He is classically trained in piano and violin and is a self-taught guitarist. He spent time touring with a band, playing over 50 shows at venues including The El Mocambo, Lee’s Palace, and The Horseshoe Tavern. Now, Laszlo writes, sings, and produces all of his music.


It didn’t take us long to realize the talent of this artist. The quality of music was there starting from the first song of the album. We aren’t used to listening to this style of music but we have to give credit where it’s due. Laszlo’s A Lot of Life to Live has the potential to be featured on many radio stations around the globe, which explains why he has received numerous amounts of gigs on stage. It is hard to believe that he is just a rising artist. “A Lot of Life to Live” has astonishing guitar sounds within certain sections of the song. It is also our most favorite song of the album.

You can visit Laszlo’s website or follow him on Instagram to receive the latest news and releases.

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