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Oh Well single Us Review

Anti-pop artist Oh Well has released his single Us. The song is a live promo video introducing Oh Well to the world. The Chicago artist is also featured on the project Billionaire Kylie Jenner.

One of the major differences that differentiates this artist from the rest is his sound. He blends a mixture of multiple genres into one and uses them in a unique approach, which we haven’t heard of before. The lyrical aspect of his song Us talks about personal struggles that can be relatable to the listener.

All of this honesty is on top of extremely unique and bumping instrumentals. From the punchy kick and snare combo, to the firstly heard vibes coming from the beat. It’s no wonder that this anti-pop song has people turning heads . It paves a whole new path for the future of music, unlocking doors that nobody ever thought existed. Fortunately, it’s not too complex, but rather, just the right amount of complex.

Us is available now on YouTube. Follow Oh Well on Instagram for more information and upcoming releases.

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