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Review: LightBody Sound’s LP



Lightbody Sound LP

It’s always fun to witness a group develop into how great they can be right in front of your eyes, and that’s what is happening with LightBody Sound’s LP LightBody Sound.

The duo, Chris and Elizabeth met on a South Texas evening at a retired brothel referred to as The Last Concert Cafe. Elizabeth was a down on her luck opera-singer, drowning her broken heart and luminous talent in an excessive amount of tequila.

Chris was a mysterious troubadour, fairly refined and yet persistently ill-behaved. Now the producer and artists are married and raising their two children together. Although Chris has released several records in the past, this is the couple’s first project together. Their sound could be described as a mix of synth wave, dream pop, art pop, folktronica, and “now” age.

The backing music for these songs deploys synth sounds nicely. They bolster the vocal melodies while adding their warmth, glow, and vitality to the music. We truly feel that the duo chooses sounds that fit well into the album while still retaining the distinctive qualities that make them an integral part of the musical character of LightBody Sound.

You can listen to their LP here:

LightBody Sound’s website

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