Roddy Ricch hits the gas in “Album Mode”

Roddy Ricch

If his sophomore album is anything like Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, you can guarantee that just about everybody is ready for another full-length collection of music from Roddy Ricch.

The Compton rapper came onto the scene in a major way last year, proving all of his day one fans correctly by becoming one of the most buzz-worthy artists of the year. Despite not releasing a project in 2020, his late-2019 drop remains in rotation and was one of the best albums of the year. He has been described as one of rap’s MVPs of this year and, from the sounds of things, he’ll be taking over next year as well.

Landing in Atlanta, Roddy Ricch hopped out of the private jet and made a major declaration, claiming to be in “album mode” and getting us all riled up. Considering the fact that he’s working on the album right now, we can possibly expect a release in 2021, perhaps when the world is a little more normal. 

Roddy was recently featured on the “Lemonade” remix, which has been dominating the charts globally for the last few weeks.

Source: HotNewHipHop

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