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RX releases his 1st Album Epilogue



Epilogue Cover

RX is a successful artist based in Seattle, Washington. He is best known for his extraordinary, rare, and compelling voice. He plays both acoustic and electric marvelously. RX has spent his life playing in bars and wineries; and for a short time lived in LA to collaborate, write, and meet with several agencies/labels. The young artist’s influences include Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and James Bay. Since then, RX has performed at several notable venues, including singing the national anthem at two NFL games, and has toured with acts such as Train, Andy Grammer, and Michael Franti.

We are happy to announce RX’s first album “Epilogue”! After releasing numerous amounts of singles and EP’s it is now time for his first album to get heard.

The album offers very soothing vocals on Pop style beats. Everything from radio-ready songs to laid back songs can be found on the 10-track album. Without a doubt, RX has the talent to transfer the emotions of each track to the listener smoothly.

His song “Superstar” stands out from the rest due to his unexpected variation of flow he delivers. It also carries a very dreamy vibe.

Taking To Long” might as well have been from the famous artist Ed Sheeran. The song’s chords and vocals blend together so well. The background harmonies on the chorus complement the lead vocals tremendously.

RX ends the album with a reminiscing song named “Walla Walla“. We believe this was a wonderful choice. The blend of excitement and sadness is simply beautiful.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to RX’s album “Epilogue” yourself and be amazed by this young artist’s talent. For the latest news and releases follow RX on Instagram, Facebook, or his website.

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Music Videos

Yiig announces his new Short Film ‘District Girl’



Yiig Artist

Yiig announces a new short film titled “District Girl”, a series about a good woman making poor choices. Yiig was inspired to create this short film to expose to the consciousness of today’s society a profound shift affected by substance addiction and lack of care.

The short film tells a story of young individual woman, who seems to have some problems going on and is therefore easily affected by today’s society and drugs. She is well dressed and lives in a modern, great-looking home. As she isn’t truly happy with herself, she starts to look for ways to become a more interesting person. By taking the path of drugs she slowly is ruining her life and creating more problems. This short film exposes what is happening in the real world behind closed doors. It talks about the issues that many don’t want to shine light upon. Yiig decided to bring awareness with his song ‘District Girl’, and create a visual short film to compliment the entire creative aspect.

Follow the artist Yiig on Instagram to stay updated with their recent work.

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The rise of Asian Hip-Hop: from local to international recognition



I Want One by JP THE WAVY feat. Kid Milli & Psy.P

M.A.U Collective

M.A.U Collective is an international entertainment agent founded in April 2020
by four partners who have been working in the music and entertainment industry for the last 20 years. The name of the company is M.A.U Collective, meaning Music, Art/Asian, Unlimited. In Vietnamese, it means “Màu” (Colors). The company states “We believe everyone has their own colors.” Asia has a thriving hip-hop scene, diverse and full of life. Three young rappers are putting on for the Asian diaspora with their talent.


©M.A.U Collective

JP THE WAVY, Kid Milli, and Psy.P have joined forces to release the star-studded single ‘I WANT ONE.’ Each rapper holds their own on the track and has the resume to back up their worth. JP THE WAVY has made it into the spotlight of the music industry on both a domestic and international level with the focus on his new genre of music and stylish fashion. He has performed at the world’s largest convention festival “SXSW 2019” held annually in Austin, Texas, USA. His first album “LIFE IS WAVY” was released in April 2020 and followed up in July with an online event “LIFE IS WAVY VIRTUAL SPACE TOURS.”

Kid Milli

©M.A.U Collective

Besides the Japan trailblazer JP THE WAVY, rapper Kid Milli of WYBH (Ujubihen/Space Flight) and COZYBOYS, brings the flavor and style he’s known for in the Korean landscape. His talent has polarized the rap scene in Korea with his peculiar skillset over the mic, able to capture a listener with his timeless bars and creative flows.


©M.A.U Collective

Alongside JP THE WAVY and Kid Milli, is one of the 4-member HIP HOP crew “Higher Brothers” from Chengdu, Southwestern of China. He goes by the stage name Psy.P and is known for making timeless music in his homeland of China, but has since gone mainstream on an international scale. He has worked with major artists like MIGOS, Lil Yotti, and Playboi Carti and collaborated with NBA player Russell Westbrook, 88Rising, Adidas Originals, Air Jordan, and Beats By Dre.

The Trio

The trio has been making headway with their collaboration on ‘I WANT ONE.’ Each brings their own personality and style to the Tigaone produced track, spitting top lyricism intertwined with prolific flows that ultimately give the track its high respect from fans. A true show of talent from the Asian movement that has demanded the attention from hip-hop. Their capacity and aptitude for hip-hop is a fresh addition to rap’s landscape.

JP THE WAVY New Single
Title: I WANT ONE feat. Kid Milli & Psy.P
Release Date: 2021.01.15 (Fri)
Jacket Design: DOPE

‘I WANT ONE’ by JP THE WAVY ft. Kid Milli, Psy.P

‘I WANT ONE’ brings change to the saturated sound that has been crippling the creativity of hip-hop. It’s composition boasts of the geniuses behind the masterpiece. It has its own wave and rides effortlessly over the Tigaone beat while the Asian trio delivers potent rhyme schemes and hypnotic rhythms.


Upon first listen, it gives a futuristic vibe to its sound, and as it continues to replay, the fluent cadence and dynamic transitions between flows give even greater credit to the track sonically. The track is sure to get the club jumping the moment its sound hits the airwaves through any speaker. It’s infectious, commanding your attention with its catchy flows that enchant heads to bump to its rhythmic sensations. Few songs are able to create the listening aesthetic of ‘I WANT ONE.’ It is a rare rendition to behold, perfect in substance and synergy. The already imminent success of ‘I WANT ONE’ isn’t luck nor chance, it has the formula for greatness.

‘I WANT ONE’ stands out with pure talent and creative artistry that outshines its competitors. It’s a classic that will still be the go-to for DJ’s to get the vibe pumping. Even as time passes, it will remain a notable song at any party or playlist no matter how many generations come and go. Any that listens to its sound will immediately understand just how well put together a track ‘I WANT ONE’ is. It’s a breath of fresh air, a flex anthem for ballers locally and internationally.

‘I WANT ONE’ is the song that makes a statement and turns up the spot. The track has also received a solo music video version featuring JP THE WAVY rocking his signature brand, ‘WAVY Stadium Jackets.’ It complements the song with JP at the forefront dripping from head to toe in his flashy and attractive jacket and fashion, as he raps circles around the beat with his lyrical skills.

Listen to ‘I WANT ONE’

Check out JP THE WAVY’s song ‘I WANT ONE’ featuring Kid Milli and Psy.P via the link ‘I WANT ONE’ single and Japanese Version Press Release.



JP THE WAVY – I WANT ONE feat. Kid Milli & Psy.P

Want one
Amiri ready made louisV galley dept
I want one
Nike を履いたら飛ぶ 俺は Bow wow
指の先まで Iced out lauder 新しい Piece も
Want one
俺の VV が眩しい意識朦朧
俺たち 履いてる Polo
I got a drip まるで鳳凰

[JP THE WAVY – Verse]
I know NIGO
HUMAN MADE のシャツ着て Chill out
ロゴなら Verdy がデザイン
どんだけ買っても変なの増えてく口座の最後の 0
全てに感謝 当たり前じゃ無い事に俺からありがとう
Rap の進化が止まらねぇ 実際ね
買い物制作しまくり LA で
どんだけ買っても足りないな Bitch I


[Kid Milli – Verse]
Hop on my coupe
지붕은 없고
이게임에 꽂혔어
나는 집중해 yeah
Yo look at these mami mam im pull up
이 새끼들 절반은
내겐 없는 사람취급
우린 정말상수동이 널 밟을거야
fuck’ em up ye
서울 카라 도쿄
6 bitches on my hotel
타노시쿠 나이나
꺼져 분위기 망
치지 말고 병신아
우린 평생 토록 이리 살다가 큰 돈을 벌었어 걱정과 달리
작년엔 세상 난 여기저기 man
마일리지만 따져도 니 잔고 위 man
몇갠지도 몰라 이젠 내 chain man
Make some new wave with JP THE WAVY man


[Psy.P – Verse]
从 hater 变成了狂热粉
I got 2 phone 一个用来谈生意
一个专门用来联系各种 bitch
远程发动我的 v8 发动机


Lyrics provided by Genius

M.A.U Collective (

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Luke ATME from Italy drops single Quiero Más




Luke ATME is an artist from Naples, Italy. The hometown artist started singing at the age of 14, mainly recording and uploading covers online. While attending school, Luke ATME, was a part of a dance crew who competed in national dance challenges and performing at local events. Quickly after, he went to the University of West London for music performance and graduated in 2017. That following year Luke released his first EP, “Loudest!”, led by single “Higher” which in the UK. In 2018, the artist recorded and released his second EP, “Under the Palm 3s”, where he first started experimenting with sounds from Reggaeton. Since he’s lived in different places all over the world, Luke wanted to combine the 4 languages he knows with his music in a way that a wider audience of people could understand his songs. One year later he released “Cuidado”, promoted all over Europe. He now has songs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Most recently in 2019, the artist has won several awards including, a Golden Award for “Song of the Year” for his Spanish single “Perdóname”, AAA4Success Award for “Artist of the Year”, and the Golden Award for “Artist of the Year.” “Cash Checks ATM” released on Valentine’s Day is his most streamed song and his first introduction as a Hip Hop artist.

Listening to the track Quiero Más we quickly notice the Latin style. The rhythm of the song follows a Reggaeton pattern and is easy to dance to. Luke’s smoothly rounded vocals compliment the track well and give it the vibe the beat craves for. The chorus gives a “feel-good vibe”, which leads to the listener wanting to dance. The music video for the song is very well shot and produced as well. Take a look for yourself.

Follow Luke ATME on Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with his latest music.

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