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The Weeknd – In Your Eyes (Music Video) Released

New Wave Sound in 2020

By listening to the song we can notice that “In Your Eyes” has a Retro/New Wave style, similar to the music in the 1980’s. The Weeknd has mainly been sticking to this direction for this album and is turning heads everywhere around the world. It is a style that seems refreshing for the younger generation and awakens a familiar feel to the previous generation.

In Your Eyes Video Analysis

The Weeknd demonstrates that in order to love someone, you must drag them into your own personal hell and fill their life with your mistakes. After all when we share happiness, it increases, and when we share sorrow, it decreases. On this track and in the music video, Abel searches for someone to share his pain with.

In the video, Abel is trying to seduce the girl to join him in his own personal hell. When the girl finally cuts his head off, she finally finds peace. She is liberated and she can be with Abel, who has been in that dark place for a long time, waiting for her to come join him.

Abel chooses this girl because he sees inside her a desire to give in to her darkest side, give into what he considers love. Because he knows that she wants the darkness as well, he falls in love with her and pursues her, persuading her to give in. At last, when she does, she dances freely and happily as the sax, joyful and free, blares in the background.

The Weeknd is a Multi-Talented Artist

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (The Weeknd) has been hitting numbers ever since he has been releasing music. Nonetheless, we cannot help but notice his variety in sound. From R&B to Rap, Pop to New Wave, and Retro to Disco. He has proven his talent in multiple ways within the past few years. It seems as if he will be around for a long time, which makes us happy.

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