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Trey Warner sparks excitement in his fans with Meant For You

Trey Warner - Meant For You (Cover)

Trey Warner is an actor and musician who carries astounding melodies within himself. Meant For You, his new EP, is filled with mesmerizing tracks that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head once you start playing them. His Pop-Punk approach is what makes him so likable across all ages of listeners.

Trey Warner – Meant For You (Meant For You)

Meant For You is the leading track on his album and summarizes his sound perfectly. A mixture of radio quality sound and undiscovered talent. The chorus on the song is what simply sticks. This song is our favorite on the album.

Trey Warner – We Found Love, Young Love (Meant For You)

We Found Love, Young Love is a beautiful slow dance song that reminds us a lot of the 1980’s. It is great to hear artists such as Trey Warner keep this style alive. His vocals are powerful and emotional. The lyrics are relatable and strike to the listener straight away.

Trey Warner – Start The Fire (Meant For You)

Start The Fire starts off fairly calm but fills up with energy quite nicely once the chorus comes in. The guitars that kick in on the second verse are also a nice touch that compliment the rhythm of the beat. We can’t compliment the production quality enough on Trey’s side. Everything is simply said radio-ready and just wanting to get heard.

Meant For You (Album)

Those were only three of Trey Warner’s songs from the EP. We encourage you to take a listen to the EP Meant For You yourself, and get stunned by the vibes coming from this talented artist. There’s something about listening to Trey that makes you want to kick back and relax.

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