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Turtle Boy Troy leaves the audience listening on repeat

Turtle Boy Troy

Notably, Turtle Boy Troy drops another eye-catching cover, this one features another cartoon friendly aesthetic. The New Jersey artist has released many works in the past. His new authentic style is recognized easily and stuck in our ears quicker than can be imagined. Why is this great? Well, who wants to hear the same sound over and over again…? So let’s tune in and listen to what the artist has in store for us.

After the artist’s feature on the record Baddie with Luv Savage, he noticed a quick pick up in popularity. The track has picked up an attraction on Spotify, reaching a total of 34,000 streams in a short period from release. Although Turtle Boy Troy was a feature, the record helped elevate his career to a new level.

In addition, like numerous of his previous songs, Do It Anyway was created by the American record producer Vio Beats. As a matter of fact, as their music partnership continues to rise, so do their popularity. Both have received notable comments on the platform LÜM for their great chemistry.

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Turtle Boy Troy

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