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Vio Beats shares his recipe for success in his interview



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After producing countless instrumentals and songs, producer Vio Beats tells us what is most important for an artist or producer to become successful.

Today we are interviewing the record producer behind many catchy songs, and even more sales on BeatStars. Vio Beats has been making moves in the industry and now they are starting to pay off. See what the young producer has to say.

Hey Vio, what’s good? It’s good to have you on our blog. How are you?

Hey, what’s up! I’ve been doing great lately. Thanks, and yourself?

I’m doing great as well, thanks. Let’s get started with the first question.
How did you come up with the name Vio? Is there any special meaning behind it?

The name Vio has developed through a few circumstances actually. It never really was planned at first. I was listening to an amazing German artist named Cro who had his own clothing merchandise that went by the name VioVio and I thought it sounded cool, but only without being doubled. Then after a while, I was thinking to myself that the “V” could stand for Virgo since that’s my zodiac. It’s short, simple, and has meaning to it, that’s why I ended up using it as an artist name.

Did you grow up listening to Hip-Hop since you are mainly producing in that genre?

Yes. The first time I was exposed to Hip-Hop music was around the age of six. I still remember Eminem’s Lose Yourself running on MTV and jamming to it. Usher’s song Yeah! was also a big hit I enjoyed listening to a few years after. For some reason, those things just stick with you, even after all this time has passed.

When did you produce your first beat?

I believe I was in 12th grade at the time, which means in 2014. To be honest, I didn’t really know too much about making beats. Most of my friends weren’t into the modern type of rap or weren’t into producing music themselves. I just figured, hey what’s it like to make your own beats, and gave it a shot. At the time, I first used FL Studio and didn’t know anything about mixing or mastering. The creativity was there but everything sounded awful.

Did you continue to go to school after high school?

I did. I went to study General Studies at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach from 2016 to 2017 and got my Associate’s degree. Then, I decided to take a break for a year and went to Germany to get my certificate in Audio Engineering. As of now, I am still continuing my studies and trying to advance my knowledge as best I can. I’m currently studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering at the London Metropolitan University.

Is there anything you regret doing since you started?

Yes, of course. For the most part, everything went pretty decent, but you realize that a lot of people you hang around with aren’t your actual friends. You honestly receive more support from the people you don’t know, then the ones close to you.

What’s the story behind Vio Beats and Turtle Boy Troy?

Nice, you’re actually the first to ask about that. We met on a music website named Clowdy (now Twine) back then. We exchanged information and started talking and working on some projects from there on out. After a few years, things just got a whole lot more serious and his popularity started rising. We are still working together on songs and plan to do so for as long as possible.

Are you signed now?

Yes, under an independent record label. Major Vibe.

We have seen you offer kits for producers. Do you plan on releasing more in the future?

Most definitely! I love making kits! There will be many more to come.

What do you think of BeatStars?

BeatStars is a wonderful platform for producers to unleash their talents, no matter what age or income. They offer free membership, so you don’t even have to spend a dime. I think they have helped lots of producers from all over the world make a living.

What would you like to tell upcoming producers?

Wherever you are, no matter your income, or the circumstances you are facing, remember that you can do what you desire if you put your heart and passion into it. Stop looking for new gear online. Trust me. A lot of new producers make that mistake and believe that buying new gear will make your music so much better. It will improve your sound but not by the amount you’re expecting. Rather use the money for marketing and your brand. You will benefit way more from it. Success comes from hard work and it takes consistency, even when you are feeling down and are facing issues. The question is what is stronger, your passion for music, or the urge to give up? You decide.

That would be it. Thanks for sharing with us!

Absolutely! Thanks for having me.

Vio Beats - Cover - Vio Beats on Google

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Vio Beats

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Beshé Interview: Where it all began




Hello Beshé, tell our readers about yourself. Who is Beshé? Where did it all begin?

Hi, I don’t like to praise myself, but Beshé is a persistent and stubborn guy who dreams a lot. I always set big goals and work hard to achieve those goals. I’m stubborn, I believe it helps me a lot. When I fail at something, I don’t immediately give up, I try, and try, and try. I like to use all the chances that fate sends my way. So sometimes when not all the doors open, I look for different keys to open them.

Ironically, the pandemic had a very positive effect on me. That is, I can say with confidence that I owe the beginning of my career to quarantine. In the first days of quarantine, when everything just started, sitting at home all the time was boring, degradation slowly started creeping in on me. So, one evening I realized that my time had probably come and this “magical” opportunity which was usually postponed due to lack of time may never come again. And one evening I just began to act.

Was it easy? What were your first steps?

It hasn’t always been easy, but it was very interesting. In fact, the whole difficulty was the lack of knowledge, information, and skills, but every day I learned something new and that’s why it helped me move forward. My biggest motivation was the moment that I realized that another pandemic may never come, and I needed to use this time to the fullest. I got out of my comfort zone as much as possible because I had a clear goal in front of me, which I had to achieve. I knew I had to do it right now. At that moment, I accepted this challenge, which I am very proud of now.

You said you had to learn everything from scratch? Where did you get the necessary information?

Yes, I just sat at the computer and read different music blogs, watched different movies, YouTube channels. In the process, new questions arose, and I looked for answers. And so, it went on for a very long time, until I was overflowing with relevant knowledge. But theory is a theory, and practice is different. Therefore, after a huge amount of information that I learned, came the time to put it into practice.

Your song is called “I’m a boss”. As far as I understand, the Boss is you. Who is this Boss? What is the song about?

Everyone is his/her own boss. And only we control our life, everything that happens in it, and only we can change something, and we decide in which direction we should move. Speaking of me, my Boss is a persistent and stubborn guy who always dreams and sets big goals and works hard to achieve them and everything that’s planed. However, one should not be dismissive, and one should not forget where it all began.

How long did it take to write the song and who worked on it?

I’m a very big perfectionist, so we worked on the track for almost a year. I’ve been improving it for a while now, and I always find something that can be changed because of this we postponed the release date for a long time. But finally, on May 7th, I will be able to share what has been my life for the past year.

An international team from around the world worked on the track. The lyrics were written in California. The music was written in another part of America. We recorded the song in Ukraine, and the cover for the song was painted by an artist from Russia. The huge and difficult work that has been put in hides behind a pretty picture.

Where do you get inspiration and motivation?

Honestly, the best motivation for me is myself. I get a lot of pleasure from what I’m doing, and it inspires me a lot. I like to compare myself to who I was yesterday and who I am today, and it always gives me a lot of strength and energy to move forward. I am also very motivated by criticism. I criticize myself very often, and even more often I receive criticism from other people. And it actually gives a very big boost to move forward and improve myself.

Did anyone of your relatives or friends support you during this period?

Actually, none of my relatives supported me, because none of them knew what I was doing all this time, I kept it secret for a year. I don’t like to talk much. I like to show results. So, I decided to surprise everyone with it. Therefore, the premiere on May 7th will be something new for them as well as for you.

Can we expect new songs from Beshé in the near future?

Yes, there will definitely be a sequel. I’m not ready to stop here, I believe this is just the beginning. I will reveal a secret that now my team and I are working on something new, which you will hear very soon. There will be lots of interesting things in the future! I promise! So, stay tuned for updates on my social media pages.

We are very grateful for the warm and sincere conversation with Beshé. We look forward to the release of the song and wish you a successful start and many fans. We wish your song to conquer all the music charts!

Thank you very much. See you on May 7th on all streaming platforms!

Beshé – I’m a Boss

For the latest news and releases follow Beshé on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.

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40pree shares his Kid Cudi And Deadmau5 Inspiration



40pree album cover

40pree is a talented DJ and music producer in Maryland’s underground hip hop scene. With a combined following of 17.5K people throughout different social media outlets, he can rightfully be called an influential force. This is an interview about how it all began for him. What his inspirations are and what we can expect from 40pree in the near future.


“Hello 40pree, you’re up-and-coming in Maryland’s underground hip hop scene at the moment, and with a very interesting stage name, what’s the story behind it?”

“Yes, In college I would always bring 40oz bottles to parties, so all my friends would call me ‘40. Pree’. Pree is a Jamaican word that means ‘to take notice of something new’. For example: ‘pree dis’. I liked it, so I had to mix my Jamaican roots in my stage name.”

“That’s a cool story! So, who are your biggest musical inspirations and how do they influence the music that you produce?”

Kid Cudi is definitely one of the main artists that I’ve looked up to! He kept me focused on music while I was in a dark place in my life. Any ‘Cudi’ fan knows that he can make any bad situation sound dope. I’m also very inspired by progressive house artists like ‘Deadmau5’, and ‘Steve Angello’. I think that their persistent melodies are timeless. When I first started producing, I tried to remake songs in the same musical style as Deadmau5. Perhaps, you can even say that he was the main reason that I’ve started producing music myself!” 

40pree artist

“Interesting! So, Deadmau5 basically inspired you to start producing music! I wonder, what’s the biggest musical accomplishment that you’ve experienced so far?“

“My bro ‘Manny Wave’ and I performed once live in New York opening up for ‘6ix9ine’ before he was sent to jail. It was his first show in New York too, and it was packed with hundreds of kids! I also performed at the Moonrise Festival in 2018 in front of thousands of people, that was an amazing experience as well. It’s just crazy on which journey music will take you.”

“But that’s not all, right? You’re releasing your newest album at the end of June. What can we expect from you on a musical level from this upcoming release?”

“Yes! My upcoming album is called ‘Stay Lowkey Stay Ghost’. It’s a music project that I’ve been working on for about 2 years now with several, versatile artists from all over the world. The album has a dark, menacing sound mixed with vintage soul and smoother psychedelic elements. It’s definitely an album with numerous emotional layers, so there is a little bit of something for everybody in it.” 

“I also saw on your social media that your new project has very striking artwork with close ties to pop culture elements like ‘Afro Samurai’, what’s the meaning behind this artistic choice?”

“I’ve always been inspired by the Japanese anime culture. ‘Afro Samurai’ became my favorite character because he was the only black anime character. He, who travels the road looking for revenge on ‘Justice’, the man who murdered his father. In the same way, I seek revenge as well against the “injustice” that is going on right now in society. This drove me to the idea.”

“That’s deep man and very beautifully said! So, how can we all stay in touch with you for your new release and what can we expect from you in the future?”

“You can stay active with me at ‘’ as well as on @40pree on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. I will also be doing a merch giveaway soon where I will give a free pair of ‘Off White Air Force 1s’ to a lucky fan as well as ‘40pree’ merch!” 

“That sounds really dope, we will keep a close eye on that! Thanks man, this was a very interesting interview. I wish you all the best with your upcoming album!”

40pree album cover

Interview by Ramesh Sital

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