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Yiig announces his new Short Film ‘District Girl’

Yiig Artist

Yiig announces a new short film titled “District Girl”, a series about a good woman making poor choices. Yiig was inspired to create this short film to expose to the consciousness of today’s society a profound shift affected by substance addiction and lack of care.

The short film tells a story of young individual woman, who seems to have some problems going on and is therefore easily affected by today’s society and drugs. She is well dressed and lives in a modern, great-looking home. As she isn’t truly happy with herself, she starts to look for ways to become a more interesting person. By taking the path of drugs she slowly is ruining her life and creating more problems. This short film exposes what is happening in the real world behind closed doors. It talks about the issues that many don’t want to shine light upon. Yiig decided to bring awareness with his song ‘District Girl’, and create a visual short film to compliment the entire creative aspect.

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